Friday, June 7, 2013

The Future of Travel?

While dealing with the embarrassment of creating a blog and then not posting anything, I came to the realization that what matters is to START WRITING, and STOP WORRYING. Why wait for the ultimate interesting topic before posting? Here goes.

Has anyone heard of Evactuated Tube Transportation? My wife stumbled on the following video and it blew my mind.

Basically the idea is to build a tube network where people can ride in capsules that transport them at thousands of kilometers per hour. Due to the fact that the acceleration/deceleration is very gradual, the capsule passengers never experience greater than a single 'G' of force. This speed and lack of uncomfortable force on the body mean that humans could one day commute between New York and LA in approximately 45 minutes. Or between New York and Beijing in 2 hours.

There are a lot of obvious concerns about the infrastructure needed to support this system.

  • Can any public or private entity really maintain such a long stretch of evacuated tubing without it imploding?
  • What about earthquakes and other natural disasters?
  • What about acts of terror?
  • Would any of the above two causes of tube breaches spell pulverization for passengers?
These questions and others are being tackled by a conglomeration of companies that are throwing R&D money behind this dream. Take a look at:

What do you think? Is this a futuristic pipe dream or a possible reality in our lifetime?